Dragons from Dragons' Den look at Rare Earth Game Poster
The Dragons review the periodic table poster made from Rare Earth Chemical Element Game Cards after the taping is over.

One Week After the Dragons' Den

December 21st, 2011

In the week since CBC aired our visit with the dragons, the positive response has been overwhelming.   The Telegraph Journal was kind enough to do a follow up article. People have been emailing, tweeting, Facebook commenting and buying games and we’ve been blown away that so many people feel the same way we do about the Rare Earth Game.

Frank in Quebec wrote:

“I saw Dragon's Den this week, and IMO, I've never seen anyone miss the boat worse than they did. They completely let their loathing and fear of learning chemistry destroy all of their business sense.

Looking at your website, it is clear to me you have a plan, and a terrific looking product. The merchandising and on-line spinoff potential alone could make this little "game" a huge financial success, if you play your cards right.”

Christie-Anne in Alberta wrote:

“I watched your pitch on the Dragons Den program that aired on Wednesday.  I strongly feel you were treated with great disrespect and injustice.  It was heartbreaking to watch such a fantastic concept be torn down like that.  I am writing to let you know that you conducted yourselves with amazing grace and poise.  I believe in your concept and product.  Also your influence extends past the positive benefits of your product.  With your pitch you also inspired and motivated other inventors.  You demonstrated how to professionally pitch a product, and how not to lose your cool when attacked...”

Amy in New Brunswick wrote:

“…They didn't seem to get the idea and concept of the game on Dragon's Den and how simple it is to play.  I can't wait for the storybook. …”

Marie-France in PEI wrote:

“Your game is such an awesome idea and I really hope it will continue to grow in popularity and sales.  I usually agree with the Dragons, but I really think they got it wrong in this case.  I look forward to seeing you in the future in the segment where they show the people who did really well, despite the Dragons rejection of their idea.   :-)  Good Luck and keep at it.  I look forward to seeing your game and playing it with my daughter.”

A student in New Brunswick wrote to suggest:

“…send a sample to the TV show The Big Bang Theory.   The impact of having Sheldon playing the game would be enormous.”

(Good idea!  We’ll have to figure out where to send a game.)

Peter in Ontario wrote:

“…I have two kids, 6 and 8, that are already big fans of the periodic table.  I know they'll love the game...  I saw your segment on Dragon's Den and was impressed, both by what you've created and by how you presented it.  But I must say I was surprised and disappointed by the Dragons' reaction.  It's as if they were somehow proud of their anti-intellectual bias.  It's too bad for them.  And hopefully there are enough people that can counter that view and keep feeding our kids' thirst for learning.”

Jennifer in Nova Scotia wrote:

“We believed the Dragons missed the boat, and it seems a lot of other folks felt that way, too. Best of luck, and we're looking forward to trying out the game.”

Stephanie in Ontario wrote:

“…  We COMPLETELY disagree with the Dragons and came online to buy the game right away.  We read the few pages of the storybook and loved it as well...we're hoping it will be completed and available for purchase soon.

…  I think you are absolutely correct that people's fear of chemistry, math and exams prevents them from being open to combining learning with fun.  As parents, we are THRILLED to encounter geniuses like you who have combined learning in a way that is engaging for children. …

Thank you for creating this game and for presenting it on Dragon's Den where we had the opportunity to find out about it…  …There are so many books and games being published and distributed that are not contributing useful learning or skills for our kids!

From the bottom of my chemistry loving heart...as a Ontario Chemistry Olympiad Top 10, Founder of my high school chemistry club and former chemistry tutor (through high school and university)...THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! 

We can't wait to receive the game!  I will be buying more copies after we test it out to send to all my former chemistry club friends...who are now all accomplished scientists and health professionals with children of their own...can't wait!”

Schools, stores and families across the country fell in love with the Rare Earth Game last Wednesday night.  It has been a wonderful whirlwind of a week as the emails, comments and orders kept coming in.

We want to thank everyone who wrote to us and everyone who purchased a game.  We especially want to thank Science Kit and Boreal Laboratories who took care of all the online orders for games – we couldn’t have handled it without you!

Happy Holidays to all and if you have a question about game-play during the holidays, don’t hesitate to contact jim@rareearthgame.com.

Jim MacDonald and Rick Gowan
Co-inventors of The Rare Earth Chemical Element Card Game

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